Our company is a collective of amazing teachers with a passion for teaching the Indonesian language and sharing its culture.

The Passion Behind Our Success

Meet Our Teachers

All of our Indonesian teachers are native-speakers of Indonesian with at least 5 years of teaching and training experience. In addition, they undergo our regular in-house trainings to continuously improve their quality. 

Course Director

As one of the co-founders of LIA, Endina is passionate about teaching the Indonesian language as she believes language is the key to understanding others. Hence she aims to go beyond the language to value-add her Bahasa Indonesia lessons with cultural tips and insights. Her students come from different countries and range from doctors, bankers to lawyers.


Karolina’s passion is to see her students grow in both the fluency of the language and understanding of Indonesian culture. She is experienced in teaching C level executives Indonesian for business purposes.


With a working background in Human Resource, Yuly is good with people from various backgrounds. She loves to share her knowledge about Indonesia to those who travel to Indonesia, whether for business purposes