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Makes me interested in going further in my learning in the language and also the Indonesian culture.

Steve Yong

Franciska is fantastic! She shared knowledge and words beyond what’s in the textbook and I enjoyed the discussions into other practical areas.

LS Hau
Regional Sales Director IBM

The trainer had very good motivation to instruct me although bahasa Indonesia is very difficult….

Michio Izawa
Business Owner (Investment)

I’m impressed by Learn Indonesian Asia’s pedagogy, its rapid adoption of hybrid model as well as our teacher Ibu Sinta’s professionalism and patience with us, and I hope these young Singaporeans (as well as older ones like me) continue to broaden and deepen our cultural and linguistic understanding in the region! Great work.

Alan Lai
Founder & CEO Profile Print

I am able to gain a good foundation of the language. My trainer is very patient and helps ensure that I have adequate understanding of the learning points before moving on to a new chapter. Overall, the learning experience has been very pleasant and enriching.

SS Tat
Naval Officer Republic of Singapore Navy

My children have been with Bu Sinta for a few months now, I cannot be more pleased with the materials, teaching quality and the teacher competencies. Bu Sinta is very good with small children, she is patient and definitely has her own charm that makes children enjoy being around her. She is also a great listener and when I I made a special request to challenge my kids more during the lessons. With my full permission, Sinta happily did as requested, she reads the situation well and knows when she needs to be firm and assertive towards my kids in order to help them progress faster and get the most out of the lessons together. To those looking for high quality Indonesian lesson, look no further and register with LIA and if you are looking for a teacher for your children, I can highly recommend Bu Sinta!

Elise & Arthur
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