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The pace of the lessons was well tailored to the class, Ibu Endina was well prepared for lessons and made the effort to make them engaging. I received timely and helpful feedback on my progress.


The lessons are very well structured and fun! Really good class size which helps make the lessons more interesting as well. Also really nice classroom which was very conducive for learning. Terima kasih banyak ibu!


The beginner’s class is a good start to gain a basic understanding of the language, I picked up Bahasa Indonesia faster than I expected. Each lesson is interesting, the teacher (Ms Endina) would let our class role-play, do a pop quiz, and create challenges to test our understanding of what we have learnt. Besides learning the language, I also gained some insights to the culture, the current slangs and short-forms used by Indonesians . I found that useful!

I did half of my course online, via zoom, and the other half in classroom. Classroom learning is better as it’s great to interact with the classmates, but online is also a good option for those can’t go to the venue. The venue is a lovely space in UIC Building, really convenient esp if you are in the CBD.

Self Employed

Learning the language through interpreting songs helps gives a good explanation on actual application of the language and can educate us listeners on culture and traditions as well.

Aloysius Koh
Engineer Praxis Automation Far East Pte. Ltd.

This course has equipped me with a basic understanding of Indonesian and provided me the confidence to converse at a basic level in Indonesian. Ibu Fonny has been very helpful and I would strongly recommend her to prospective students.


The lessons were very enjoyable and I learned basic Indonesian at a level which I can understand parts of daily conversations between native speakers.

Executive NHG
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