Learn why Learn Indonesian Asia is chosen by many learners from all walks of life. We have trained C-level Executives, working adults and business people. Besides learning, we also provide means for them to network and grow

Guru Karolina was amiable and patient. She understood my learning needs and cater the classes accordingly to my requirements. Although our classes are held digitally, there are no confusion and classes are conducted very professionally. I definitely enjoyed the classes with her.

Aaron Li

The Zoom session on learning Bahasa Indonesia was insightful. It was also clear and conducted at the right pace for the students. Overall, it was enjoyable and we look forward to have future classes with Learn Indonesian Asia

Mr. Amin
Teacher Anderson Secondary School

I highly appreciate the interactive nature of the lessons as language training really starts from a constant repetition of formulating sentences, trying to make meaning, making mistakes and reformulating again! Super grateful to have met Ibu Sinta

CS Lim
Student WISE-WASH in SEA

The course was insightful. Bu Sinta was very encouraging and she tries her best to answer our questions without going too deep or far away from our level, which was helpful for us to understand quickly.

Vanessa Koh
Student NYC

I have a better understanding of Indonesian culture and language which I hope will lead to more opportunities in future.

Josephine Lee
Civil Servant NYC

It enriched my life!

SJ Ling
Intern NYC