As one of the co-founders of LIA, Endina has various teaching experience under her belt since her teenage years. She graduated from National University of Singapore in 2003. Language has always been her interest because she believes language is the key to understanding others. She received various awards in Indonesian and English language and literature in her school days. She has learnt Mandarin, Japanese and is proficient in Javanese dialect.

With these skills and her genuine interest in people, she has involved in various social activities involving people from different countries and backgrounds. She has taught Indonesian language to doctors, bankers, lawyers, and many others.

She loves to teach Indonesian language because she believes Indonesia has lots of potential and she desires Indonesia to be known by more people in the world. With these principles, she always encourages those who want to learn Indonesian to learn beyond language. Therefore, she often gives cultural tips and insights to her students. Endina’s enthusiasm towards language and people, together with her proficiency in the subject she teaches have generated positive feedbacks from her students. In 2015, she sat for UKBI (Uji Kemahiran Berbahasa Indonesia) and attained first place in the test among hundreds of participants.

What Our Students Say:



Extremely Knowledgeable

“Bu Endina is extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She is able to explain the nuances in Indonesia very effectively as she is also extremely proficient in English too.” —Jacqueline Chua, Lawyer


Lessons Tailored to Suit My Needs

“The lessons have been very interesting, with a variety of methods used and topics covered. Endina covered a mix of grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and conversing at each lesson. This has been very useful for me. She is also very patient and encouraging, and tailors the lessons to suit my needs.”—Denise P., Public, Civil Servant


Excellent Delivery

“The material is well structured. Bu En is excellent in her delivery and maintaining the level of enthusiasm in class. She responds very well to our questions and very encouraging in learning.” —Ivan, Logistics


Interesting & Lively Presentations

“This class has helped me to foster better relationships with my Indonesia clients. A big thank you to Ibu Endina for her interesting and lively presentations and her patience in us.” —Chang, Senior Program Executive


East to Follow Content

“Bu Endina conducted the class very well, good content, easy to follow and the use of examples is a great way to engage people.” —Bryan O’Loughlan, Accountant


Highly recommended

“Professional and bilingual tutor,