After finishing her bachelor program from Tarumanagara University, Indonesia, Yuly continued taking a Masters degree in Information System and Management, at University of New South Wales, Australia and graduated in 2000.

With her working background as an HRIS consultant and most of her career in Human Resources field, she is good with people and comfortable in meeting new people from various backgrounds. Besides, she is also active in Indonesian community church in Singapore since a few years ago.

She became an Indonesian language teacher to broaden her world and knowledge by meeting new people but also to share her knowledge about Indonesia to professionals from other countries. She believes all of her experiences will bring good benefits to all professionals who have business in Indonesia or visit Indonesia as tourist.

What Our Students Say:



Very enthusiastic when teaching

“Ibu Yuly is very enthusiastic when teaching! Learnt foundational skills for Bahasa Indonesia, which is useful in my daily work. Thanks!” —Nicole L., Manager


Very encouraging and patient

“Ibu Yuly is very encouraging and patient, sharing lots of examples.”—Samantha T., Senior Associate


Had a great time

“Had a great time learning conversational Bahasa Indonesia. Thanks for the efforts!” —June L., Marketing Associate



“(I am now) able to read and understand simple terms, useful for simple vetting of promotional materials.” —Yolande N., Marketing


Very stress-free and comfortable

“Ibu Yuly has made learning Bahasa Indonesia very stress-free and comfortable. Terima kasih!” —Karen C., Marketing


Very relevant

“The examples are very relevant and the teacher makes it a point to help us relate to daily situations.” —K. Yi Kai, Senior Associate


Very patient

“Ibu Yuly was very patient with us and took time to revise with us as our lessons are quite infrequent.” C. Jia Ning, Assistant Manager


Encouraging and patient

“Ibu Yuly is encouraging and patient in teaching the class.” —H. Shi, Executive


Practical learning

“Great experience. Good pace. Practical learning. Whether for work or just a desire to learn a beautiful language, LIA is definitely a place to start.” —Solomon W.


Fully enjoyed this course

“Thank you for your patience and and gentle guidance, Guru Yuly! I fully enjoyed this course.” —Margaret


I'm now able to say few things in Indonesian

“I am now able to say a few things in Indonesian that makes my clients happy.” — D. Schleipen, Consultant


I gain confidence in the language

“The training helped me to understand Bahasa Indonesia language better, and gain confidence in the language.” — Nasir M. Sali, Engineer


I am able to order from the menu in the restaurant

“I am able to use simple Bahasa to order from the menu in the restaurant or order cakes from bakery in Jakarta.” — Karen Cheong, Account Executive


The training has added a lot more to my vocabulary

“The Training has definitely added a lot more to my limited Bahasa Indo Vocab, despite still big room for improvement. But this will definitely be a spearhead start to dive in and start conversing, which will be exactly the real learning starts. Thank you LIA, Thank Bu Yuly” — Jeff, Engineering Manager


The class interactive sessions were very interesting

“Had a great time learning the beginner stage conversational Bahasa Indonesian. Good start to mastering the language although far from being fully competent to converse comfortably. The guru (Ibu Yuly) was very exceptionally patient in giving examples so we can understand. The class interactive sessions were very interesting and at times some of us just lost the bearings but she would gladly guide us back. The 36 hours certainly was just nice for the beginner’s stage. I find writing is much easier than spoken, and will need a lot of practices whenever there are chances to speak or use it. ” — TH Song, Account Manager


I am now confident to converse in Indonesian

“Trainer was able to use a variety of daily examples from day-to-day as well as interesting games to aid understanding. I am now confident to converse in basic Indonesian with others” — K Ong, Civil Servant


Relevant, easy and fun

“The classes were conducted in relevant ways to make it applicable to daily living and conversational settings. Ibu Yuly is friendly and makes learning Indonesian easy and fun.” — Lydia L, Business Owner


Great learning with interactive content

“Great learning with interactive content. Had a wonderful teacher in Ibu Yuly.” — Nicholas, VISA


The class has been fun and effective

“Ibu Yuly has been very good at teaching us the colloquial aspects of Bahasa Indonesia (beyond the classroom syllabus). This has been very helpful as it allowed me to understand how the language is actually used. I am also able to understand (on a very basic level) reports and television broadcasts that are relevant to my professional work. Overall, the class has been fun and effective, and I feel confident in being able to speak Bahasa in everyday scenarios.” — Ms. Tan, Ministry of Trade & Industry


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