Before turning into an Indonesian language trainer, Franciska was a Coach and Mentor in a trading company for several years. She grew up in Aceh (Sumatra) and underwent her higher education in Bandung (Java). Being exposed to so many different cultures in Indonesia, she aspires to share her experience with her students.

Patient and a good motivator, she believes that intuition and empathy are two important traits of a good teacher. She gets the most satisfaction when students overcome learning challenges and eventually make progress.

With strong experience in hospitality industry and event management, her personal interest includes participating in world’s events in Singapore such as SEA Games, ASEAN Para Games, FINA Swimming World Cup, World Rugby Seven Series, Singapore Grand Prix, and many more.

“I believe that in order to learn Indonesian effectively, one must put efforts in using the language daily.”


Useful and Helpful.

“The interactive games teacher Francisca had were very useful and helpful.” — J. Ang, Sales Manager


The course material covers all the key conversational topics professionals travelling to Indonesia would need to know.

“Ibu Endina and Ibu Siska were always very patient with us during class and would answer all our questions even if outside of the course material. The course material is great and covers all the key conversational topics professionals travelling to Indonesia would need to know, and there were many opportunities for participation which made the classes engaging.”— Kuo Ying, Lawyer


This course helped me learn the basics of Bahasa.

“I think this course helped me learn the basics of Bahasa, and has allowed me to converse more with others who speak the language.” — Shayna,T., Student


Very comprehensive classes.

“Very comprehensive classes and effort to explain the nuances of the language.” — Shimei, MNC.


Disciplined to continue learning the language.

“Going for class keeps me disciplined to continue learning the language.” — Em, MNC.


Very accommodating.

“Bu Franciska is always friendly and willing to guide me along with my queries, even after office hours. She goes into detailed explanations of the errors I’ve made to improve my command of the language both during lesson time and via WhatsApp where I send her homework that she has assigned to us after each lesson. Additionally, Bu Franciska has always been very accommodating with our needs to ensure that we have the most conducive lessons possible!” — Willard, Enterprise Singapore.


Excellent additional language support outside classes.

“I started out as an absolute beginner with nothing more than pure passion, and this must be one of the better places in Singapore to learn the language. My gem of a teacher has been very thorough and competent, and there is excellent additional language support outside classes. Their lessons have also been engaging, relevant, and well thought out such that there is enough bandwidth to appeal to anyone on the spectrum of fun to serious learners. I just so happen to take my fun learning seriously and enjoyed my journey with them!” — A. Wong.


The lessons are very well structured and flexible.

“Very much enjoy being taught by Franciska. The lessons are very well structured and flexible to my needs and interests. The pace of learning is good for picking up new words and grammar, which can be put to use straight away.” — Ben, Director (Aglaia Family Offices Pte. Ltd)


The trainer is very patient and helpful.

“The trainer is very patient and helpful and a partner in my learning journey.” — Mangalam Seksaria, Banker.


Materials are detailed and tailored to specific fields.

“Materials are detailed and tailored to specific fields that are important in the business context. Assignments and materials given to us are useful and make learning much more manageable. Bu Franciska has also been very patient and helpful throughout the course.” — Willard, Enterprise Singapore.


Very happy with the teaching pace, professionalism.

“Very happy with the teaching pace, professionalism and her patience over the duration of this course!” — Chia Boon Keong, Managing Director, TheSeafoodCompany Pte Ltd.


Helped me better understand my colleagues.

“I have learnt basic Bahasa Indonesia which has helped me better understand my colleagues when they communicate in Bahasa.” — Y.P. Leong, Marketing Analyst, Golden Agri.


Very patient and passionate about teaching.

“The learning process was made easier and more fun with Guru Franciska who is very patient and passionate about teaching. She doesn’t hesitate to reply queries even over the weekend and has provided quite good context/history when learning certain phrases and words, which I appreciate.” — Joanne Pek, Head Hunter.


The training has helped me to get started.

“The training has helped me to get started on my journey of learning a new language and pushing my own limits!” — YH Bing, Business Planner.


Shared knowledge beyond textbook.

“Franciska is fantastic! She shared knowledge and words beyond what’s in the textbook and I enjoyed the discussions into other practical areas.” — LS Hau, Regional Sales Director, IBM.


Interested in going further.

“Makes me interested in going further in my learning in the language and also the Indonesian culture.” — Steve Yong.


Enjoyable lessons with many interesting practices.

“Enjoyable lessons (lots of laughter) with many interesting practices and exercises weaved in – brilliant! Thank you LIA for the well-planned curriculum and Ibu Franciska for your patient guidance and tolerating all of our questions :)” — Sharon Chan, Marketing Manager, Hegen.


Effective, fun and engaging.

“Taking the beginner class under Teacher Franciska has been effective, fun and engaging. I learnt about the language, food the daily culture of Indonesia too. Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn about Indonesia in an interactive way! ” — Joan, Marketing Manager, WorldFirst.


well-structured and comfortable pace.

“I recommend this course for anyone looking to pick up Bahasa Indonesia as it is well-structured and the trainer is able to move along the materials at a comfortable pace.” — T.K Wei, Manager, JPMorgan Chase.


Conveyed the concepts in a very clear and concise manner.

“Ibu Franciska is a really great teacher and conveyed the concepts in a very clear and concise manner. She really helped us to sharpen our reading, listening and writing skills, and went out of her way to ensure that we grasped key concepts. Would highly recommend learning Bahasa Indonesia at LIA. Terima kasih banyak Ibu Franciska! :-)” — Tan Zepeng, Student, NTU.


Was surprised at the quality of the course and really enjoyed it.

“Very good! Was surprised at the quality of the course and really enjoyed it. Guru Franciska is very passionate and kind in teaching. Really enjoyed this beginner class and it made me want to learn more.” — Timothi Lim, Creative Director (Augmented Reality), The Doodle People LLP


Enjoyable class.

“Thanks Ibu Franciska for such an enjoyable class!” — Joy See, Student, NUS.


I enjoyed myself!

“It was great, the same good quality of teaching and dedication with Bu Franciska! 🙂 Only thing was I was hoping Inter 1 would be “tougher” so I can better prepare for my exam at INSEAD’s FL&C, but I understand that many gave feedback that Int 1 should be easier. 😛 it’s ok, I enjoyed myself!” — Sharon Chan, Project Manager.


Passionate about teaching.

“Ms. Franciska is passionate about teaching and simplifies the content for easier understanding of the language. She goes beyond the textbook to share with us common and colloquial examples which are useful for business settings as well as conversational situations.” — Clara, Regional Marketing.


Able to understand some BI.

“Thanks to the lessons I am now able to understand some of the Bahasa Indonesian language I see at work and even understand the language on MRT trains.”— KW Teng, Corporate Development, Equinix.


Plenty of opportunities to speak and practise.

“Covered topics relevant to businesses extensively. Plenty of opportunities to speak and practise.” — Glenvicia, Associate, MOF.


Better understand my work.

“I am better able to understand my ongoing work interactions in bahasa.” — Daryl, Tech, Facebook.

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