Cecilia Dwi Hapsari, familiarly known as “Sisi”  graduated from The University of Atma Jaya Indonesia.

Realising her passion for teaching, she took a degree in Education and started her teaching career a few years ago. She finds it rewarding when she sees that her students are able to comprehend the materials she teaches. She emphasizes learning Indonesian by practicing it repeatedly. She strongly believes that once you are familiar with the language, you will have the motivation to master it.

She thinks that everyone should learn Indonesian simply because Indonesia is a beautiful country to visit and by learning Indonesian, one would open the door to many opportunities. Besides teaching Indonesian, she is also a professional singer and a vocal coach. She was also a Cultural Ambassador representing Indonesia in the U.S. and other ASEAN countries. She is proficient in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

What Our Students Say:



Valuable for day to day use in Indonesia

“The teacher is very patient, kind and understanding. She knows how to understand our stress level and teach during the sessions. She is able to balance it well. I strongly advice for the teacher to continue teaching as this. She has also made the class very enjoyable. The Bahasa is pitched at the right level. It is valuable for day to day use in Indonesia.” —Jayashree S., Executive Director


Use Relevant Examples

“I enjoyed the lessons that we had for our Bahasa Indonesia’s class. The pace was good and the teacher, Ibu Sisi, helped to use relevant examples for us to understand.” —Caryn


Lively and Caring Teacher

“The class was held at a comfortable pace and Ibu Sisi is a lively and caring teacher.” —Boon Song


A very good course

“Was a very good course that gave us a basic appreciation for Bahasa Indonesia. It inspires me to perhaps take up a more advanced course in the future .” —Joanna, Senior Manager


Patient and kind teacher

“Sisi is a patient and kind teacher. Enjoyed her lessons thoroughly.” —June, Cluster Director

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