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I think this course helped me learn the basics of Bahasa, and has allowed me to converse more with
others who speak the language.

Shayna .T.

The classes were fun and very well structured for beginners with little knowledge of Bahasa.


Small number of students, an informal atmosphere and flexibility of the tutors are what I found most helpful.

Pushan. B.
Doctor Singhealth

Excellent training for kids. Great content and progress! Bu Melissa is very patient and passionate in teaching the kids!

Parent of Michaela (5 yo)

Ibu Yuly has been very good at teaching us the colloquial aspects of Bahasa Indonesia (beyond the classroom syllabus). This has been very helpful as it allowed me to understand how the language is actually used. I am also able to understand (on a very basic level) reports and television broadcasts that are relevant to my professional work. Overall, the class has been fun and effective, and I feel confident in being able to speak Bahasa in everyday scenarios.

Ms. Tan
Ministry of Trade & Industry

Good communication from trainer. Prompt response. Able to teach and educate in the best way possible, catering to the pace and level of each student. Recommended!

Relationship Manager Citibank
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