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I started out as an absolute beginner with nothing more than pure passion, and this must be one of the better places in Singapore to learn the language. My gem of a teacher has been very thorough and competent, and there is excellent additional language support outside classes. Their lessons have also been engaging, relevant, and well thought out such that there is enough bandwidth to appeal to anyone on the spectrum of fun to serious learners. I just so happen to take my fun learning seriously and enjoyed my journey with them!

A. Wong

I enjoyed myself and am happy with the outcome.


Good foundation given for Bahasa Indonesia. Bu Karolina is very enthusiastic and friendly. Enjoyed the lessons!

Wilson Cai

I felt like my ability in both reading and speaking has greatly improved as the material is challenging but Ibu Endina is very helpful and accommodating. I would recommend anyone who would like to attempt the test to attend this preparation course.

Military Personnel

Bu Franciska is always friendly and willing to guide me along with my queries, even after office hours. She goes into detailed explanations of the errors I’ve made to improve my command of the language both during lesson time and via WhatsApp where I send her homework that she has assigned to us after each lesson. Additionally, Bu Franciska has always been very accommodating with our needs to ensure that we have the most conducive lessons possible!

Enterprise Singapore

Useful conversational skills were taught – in particular I can apply these skills in specific contexts such as discussing about Fintech, applying for a job and negotiating for a pay raise.

W. Wee
Naval Officer MINDEF
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