Advance I and II Bahasa Indonesia


This program has 2 immediate objectives:

  • To enable you to read & understand Indonesian newspapers & magazines.
  • To enable you to master more advanced Indonesian grammar that is frequently used.

About the Program

Besides developing the conversational skills that our participants have already mastered before, the program will focus on text-based learning to enhance their writing and reading skills. Videos and audio will also be introduced to help in their mastery of listening and comprehension skills.

Sample Topics to be Covered

Oral and Listening Components

  • Starting a Business in Indonesia
  • Job Interview & Applying for Job
  • Fintech
  • Stock Investment
  • Negotiation Skills
 Writing Components
  • Writing a CV
  • Interpreting Graphs
Grammar Components
  • Affix memper-
  • Affix per-an
  • Affix ter-
  • Affix ke-an
Cultural Components
  • Proverbs
  • Indonesian Folklores
  • Indonesian Novels
UKBI Preparation
  • Model Questions
  • Tips and Tricks

We will get back to you with further course information and details upon receiving your registration. Thank you for your interest. 


What Our Students Say

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