Learn why Learn Indonesian Asia is chosen by many learners from all walks of life. We have trained C-level Executives, working adults and business people. Besides learning, we also provide means for them to network and grow

The training has effective delivery of learning outcomes, primarily due to course “guru”. It clarifies my misunderstanding. I learnt new words and improved my vocabulary.

Kim Yam Tay

The lessons have been very interesting, with a variety of methods used and topics covered at each lesson, tailoring them to suit my needs. This has been very useful for me.

Denise P.
Public/ Civil Servant

Terima kasih! I enjoyed the course. It will definitely help my career. It’s a step closer towards mastering Bahasa.

Adnan B.
Business Development

Bu Endina conducted the class very well, good content, easy to follow and the use of examples is a great way to engage people.

B. O'Loughlan
CFO Associates Asia

The class is well-taught and now I can converse with my Indonesian colleagues!

Edmund L.

I really enjoyed the class! I am more confident now to try and speak with my colleagues in Bali. We learned a lot in a very short amount of time.

Sophie S.
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