Graduated from University of Indonesia, Yovancha who also holds a degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), has been teaching English and Indonesian to adults for more than 8 years, including officers from MINDEF and MFA.

She was also the contributor at Indonesian Business News, writing noncommercial business and economics bulletin. She enjoys teaching because she has the opportunity to learn from her students as well. She encourages her student to keep on practicing their Indonesian by saying or reading the words aloud. She believes students learn the most from their mistakes. Besides that, she always reminds her students to learn beyond the classroom by listening to Indonesian songs, TV programmes, and movies to expose themselves to Indonesian cultures and language.

“Everyone should learn Indonesian because it’s such an amazing language that can unify the vastly diversed nation”, affirmed Yovancha. Moreover, she is fluent in Batak (North Sumatran dialect) and French too.

What Our Students Say:



Very Enthusiastic and Patient

“Yovancha is very enthusiastic and patient trainer. Thank you!” —Pang Yee Huat, Executive


Interesting and Interactive

“Interesting and interactive session.” —Heng S.S., Director


Lively and Caring Teacher

“Ibu Yovancha’s lesson was very interesting and friendly.” —S. Geok Cheng, Finance


Very Friendly and Approachable

“Class is interactive and fun. Ibu Yovancha is very friendly and approachable.” —Alicia


Easier to Grasp the Concept

“It has helped me with ordering Indonesian cuisine in Indonesia. With the simple reading materials and real life examples, it was easier for us to grasp the concept.” —Jocelyn N., Executive


Very Friendly

“Ibu Yovancha is very friendly, nice teacher.” —Vivian C.


Catering to the pace and level of each student

“Good communication from trainer. Prompt response. Able to teach and educate in the best way possible, catering to the pace and level of each student. Recommended!” — Kelvin, Relationship Manager (Citibank)


The classes we fun and very well structured

“The classes were fun and very well structured for beginners with little knowledge of Bahasa.” — Ben, Director (AFO)


The classes we fun and very well structured

“Small number of students, an informal atmosphere and flexibility of the tutors are what I found most helpful.” — Pushan B., Doctor (Singhealth)

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