Learn Indonesian Video – Vegetables (Sayuran)


Vegetables are grown throughout Indonesia especially in the areas with rich volcanic soil and rainfall. You can buy this fresh produce at the local market or at the nearest supermarket. In this video, we will learn Indonesian words for vegetables that we commonly see in our local market.

Scroll down to the bottom of the video to view the list of Indonesian Vocabulary for vegetables.


asparagus = asparagus
kacang merah = red bean
kol/kubis = cabbage
wortel = carrot
seledri = celery
cabe/cabai = chili
kelapa = coconut
jagung = corn
mentimun = cucumber
terung = eggplant
bawang putih = garlic
bawang merah = red onion
bawang bombay = yellow onion
kacang tanah = peanut
kacang polong = peas
kentang = potato
daun bawang = scallion/spring onion
tomat = tomato