Learn Indonesian Video – Stationeries (Alat Tulis)


In this video, we will learn Indonesian words associated with things around the office. Some of the words have similar sound to English, such as “pensil”, “bolpen”, “klip”. Some of the more difficult words include “penggaris” (ruler) which originates from the word “garis” (line) and “penghapus” (eraser) which originates from the word “hapus” (to erase).

Scroll down to the bottom of the video to view the list of Indonesian Vocabulary for stationery.



bolpen = pen
pensil = pencil
penggaris = ruler
penghapus = eraser
tinta = ink
stempel = rubber stamp
kertas = paper
amplop = envelope
klip = clip
buku = book
kursi kantor = office chair
meja tulis = desk
papan tulis = writing board
telepon = telephone
faksimili = facsimile
komputer = computer