Learn Indonesian Video – Fruits (Buah-buahan)


Indonesia is famous for its wide variety of tropical fruits. You can easily get fresh selection of these at the local market or supermarket. Some of the words can be easily recognized as they have similar pronunciation in English, such as “apel”, “mangga”, “stroberi”, “pepaya”.

Do you know?
1) The word “anggur” can be translated as “grapes” or “wine” in English.
2) The word “rambutan” originates from the word “rambut” which means hairy fruits. The same goes for “durian” – it originates from the word “duri” which means spiky/thorny fruits.

Scroll down to the bottom of the video to view the list of Indonesian Vocabulary for fruits.



apel = apple
anggur = grapes
pisang = banana
melon = honeydew
pepaya = papaya
mangga = mango
nanas = pineapple
jeruk = orange
jeruk nipis/lemon = lemon
rambutan = rambutan
stroberi = strawberry
belimbing = star fruit
manggis = mangosteen
salak = snake fruit
markisa = passion fruit
sirsak = soursop
jambu biji = guava
jambu air = rose apple
durian = durian
nangka = jack fruit
sawo = sapodilla
buah naga = dragon fruit