Learn Indonesian Video – Clothing (Pakaian)


Learning words associated with clothing is particularly important if you like to shop. People often go to Indonesia, especially Jakarta to shop for quality clothing with cheaper prices. In this video, you will learn Indonesian words related to clothing. The word “clothing” is translated as “pakaian” in Indonesian or “baju” which also means “dress”.

Scroll down to the bottom of the video to view the list of Indonesian Vocabulary for clothing.


jaket = jacket
baju = dress
kemeja = shirt
celana dalam = brief / panty
beha = bras
jas = suit
rok = skirt
mantel = coat
syal = scarf
dasi = tie
kaos kaki = socks
sarung tangan = gloves
ikat pinggang = belt
celana panjang = trousers
celana pendek = shorts
kaos oblong = t-shirt
jas hujan = rain coat
daster = night gown
singlet = singlet
piyama = pjamas