What is UKBI?


What is UKBI?

UKBI (Uji Kemahiran Berbahasa Indonesia) is a test of Indonesian language proficiency in both oral and written. This is the only official test from Indonesian government.

What are the sections of UKBI?

UKBI tests one’s ability in listening, reading comprehension, writing, speaking. UKBI also tests one’s comprehension on Indonesian grammar usage.

What are the areas to be tested on UKBI?

UKBI tests the usage of Indonesian language in different modes of communication and language style. They can range from informal daily conversation to formal written communication used in media, public, textbooks, etc.

Who can take the UKBI?

All Indonesian language speakers, both native and non-native speakers.

What are the structures of UKBI?

There are five sections in UKBI; multiple choice questions (Sections I, II, and III), writing (Section IV), and listening (Section V). The details are on the following table:

Sections Questions Duration
Section I Listening 40 25 minutes
Section II Reading Comprehension 25 20 minutes
Section III Reading 40 45 minutes
Section IV Writing 1 30 minutes
Section V Speaking 1 15 minutes

What does the grading system look like?

Please refer to the below grading system (out of 900 points).


What will the test takers get after sitting for UKBI?

Test takers will get a test report in a form of a certificate published by The Indonesian Language Center, The Ministry of Education and Culture.