Our Indonesian Teachers


All of our Indonesian teachers are native-speakers of Indonesian with at least 5 years of teaching and/ training experience. In addition, they undergo our regular in-house trainings to continuously improve their quality. Feel free to check out their profiles below.


As one of the co-founders of LIA, Endina has various teaching experience under her belt since her teenage years. She graduated from National University of Singapore in 2003. Language has always been her interest because she believes language is the key to understanding others. She received various awards in Indonesian and English language and literature in her school days. She has learnt Mandarin, Japanese and is proficient in Javanese dialect. With these skills and her genuine interest in people, she has involved in various social activities involving people from different countries and backgrounds. She has taught Indonesian language to doctors, bankers, lawyers, and many others. She loves to teach Indonesian language because she believes Indonesia has lots of potential and she desires Indonesia to be known by more people in the world. With these principals, she always encourages those who want to learn Indonesian to learn beyond language. Therefore, she often gives cultural tips and insights to her students.
Endina’s enthusiasm towards language and people, together with her proficiency in the subject she teaches have generated positive feedbacks from her students. In 2015, she sat for UKBI (Uji Kemahiran Berbahasa Indonesia) and attained first place in the test among hundreds of participants.


Karolina Ong graduated from University of Indonesia in 2007 with bachelor degree in Communication. During the years working in Singapore as Investor Relations and Financial Consultants, she has involved in various Indonesian groups and communities. Believing that communication and mutual understanding are the corner stone of any good relationship, she started teaching Bahasa Indonesia to foster good understanding of Indonesian culture. For Karolina, language is the window to learn and absorb other culture. It has been enriching and fulfilling journey for her, seeing her students grow in both their Bahasa Indonesia fluency and their understanding of Indonesian culture. She is also experienced in teaching C level executive and advanced students who want to learn Indonesian for specific purposes such as business, banking, etc.


Graduated from University of Indonesia, Yovancha who also holds a degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), has been teaching English and Indonesian to adults for more than 8 years, including officers from MINDEF and MFA. Previously, she was the contributor at Indonesian Business News, writing noncommercial business and economics bulletin. She enjoys teaching because she has the opportunity to learn from her students as well. She encourages her student to keep on practicing their Indonesian by saying or reading the words aloud. She believes students learn the most from their mistakes. Besides that, she always reminds her students to learn beyond the classroom by listening to Indonesian songs, TV programmes, and movies to expose themselves to Indonesian cultures and language. “Everyone should learn Indonesian because it’s such an amazing language that can unify the vastly diversed nation”, affirmed Yovancha. Moreover, she is fluent in Batak (North Sumatran dialect) and French too.


Cecilia Dwi Hapsari, familiarly known as “Sisi”  graduated from The University of Atma Jaya Indonesia. Realising her passion for teaching, she took a degree in Education and started her teaching career a few years ago. She finds it rewarding when she sees that her students are able to comprehend the materials she teaches. She emphasizes learning Indonesian by practicing it repeatedly. She strongly believes that once you are familiar with the language, you will have the motivation to master it. She thinks that everyone should learn Indonesian simply because Indonesia is a beautiful country to visit and by learning Indonesian, one would open the door to many opportunities. Besides teaching Indonesian, she is also a professional singer and a vocal coach. She was also a Cultural Ambassador representing Indonesia in the U.S. and other ASEAN countries. She is proficient in English and Bahasa Indonesia.


After finishing her bachelor program from Tarumanagara University, Indonesia, Yuly continued taking a master degree in Information System and Management, at University of New South Wales, Australia and graduated in 2000. With her working background as an HRIS consultant and most of her career in Human Resources field, she is good with people and comfortable in meeting new people from various backgrounds. Besides, she is also active in Indonesian community church in Singapore since a few years ago. She becomes an Indonesian language teacher as this is not only broaden her world and knowledge by meeting new people but also to share her knowledge about Indonesia to professionals from other countries. She believes all of her experiences will bring good benefits to all professionals who have business in Indonesia or visit Indonesia as tourist.


Juwita has studied Industrial Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. She had broad multi-
cultural encounters with other students from various continents during her stay in Berlin, Germany. Appreciation of different languages, i.e. Indonesian and German that she fluently speaks, triggered her interest of sharing it with others. She would shared Indonesian cultures and casually taught Bahasa Indonesia among non-Indonesian speaking friends and acquaintances who had shown enthusiasms and joy getting to know a new language as well as the beautiful and rich cultural country of Indonesia. After graduation, she has been working as IT consultant in multinational companies in Indonesia, Singapore and Germany covering several industry spectrums such as Telecommunication, Chemical Industry, Airline Industry, Manufacturing, etc. With her ability to speak various languages and many years of working experience in several countries, she is comfortable in meeting working professionals from various nationalities with different background. Her love for Indonesian cultures keeps her active in Indonesian communities wherever she goes and she believes that by sharing Bahasa Indonesia to others, they too, will develop passion and love for Indonesian culture.