Learn Indonesian Videos


We understand that sometimes it helps to learn Indonesian vocabulary through pictures.
For some people, it’s easier to associate pictures with words. Thus, you can learn Indonesian words more effectively. In this series of learning Indonesian through pictures, we have prepared videos for you to master the words that you often use daily. Simply click the link below – play the video, memorize the Indonesian word shown and repeat the word loudly. After you have mastered the words, get a copy of our book: Test Your Indonesian Vocabulary and see if you still remember what you have learnt!

Video List

Alat Makan (Cutleries)
Alat Musik (Musical Instruments)

Alat Tulis (Stationeries)

Buah-buahan (Fruits)

Hewan (Animals)

Jenis Hunian (Types of Housing)

Makanan 1 (Food Part 1)

Makanan 2 (Food Part 2)

Olahraga (Sports)

Pakaian (Clothings)

Pekerjaan (Occupations)

Alat Pembersih (Cleaning Tools)

Perkakas (Tools)

Sayur-sayuran (Vegetables)

Serangga (Insects)

Warna (Colors)