Beginners Conversational


Program objectives

This program has 3 immediate objectives:

  1. To enable you to pronounce and to read Indonesian words correctly
  2. To enable you to master conversational social Indonesian and develop effective communication skills with your friends, clients and associates in Indonesia
  3. To understand basic grammars and sentence structures

About the program

The program will be focused on interactive learning to master basic conversational Indonesian. All of the lessons will be based on various daily scenarios where you get a chance to do role-playing exercises to give you an opportunity to apply what you have learnt.

Topics to be covered

  1. Introductions
    • Daily greetings
    • Key self-introductory phrases
    • Alphabets, numbers, days, time
  2. At the Airport
    • Small talks, making conversations
    • Pronouns
  3. At the Hotel
    • Reserving a room
    • Question words
  4. Visiting Clients in Indonesia
    • Small talks at the office, exchanging name cards
    • Sentence structure
  5. Ordering Food and Drinks
    • Reserving a table
    • Favorite food, drinks, fruits, vegetables